Fremont Sunday Street Market

There is this funky neighborhood in Seattle that I frequently venture called Fremont. It’s best known for hosting a troll under it’s bridge but there are plenty of reasons to visit this hood. From cafes, cider diners, late night spots, and bakeries to vintage shops, record stores, and salsa lessons – Fremont is a cool place to visit when in Seattle.


The Fremont Troll – you might recognize it from one of my favorite movies.



fremont ppl

People Waiting for the Interurban


fremont street market entrance R_Rainer_fremont tulips_fremont market fremont market view food truck_fremont

trex_fremontmarket flowers_fremont market

This beautiful bouquet was only $7. land of lost beanie babies

The land of forgotten beanie babiescandles_fremont market

biteme_candle_fremont shoes_fremont_market kettle korn _fremont

Fresh, hot, delicious kettle corn. $5 for a small bag, $7 for a largehula hop_fremont

goggle_fremont market bill_alan_fremont_market elephants_fremont market tshirt_dog_fremontPeople have weird relationships with their dogs in Seattle. This little monster is rockin’ a pink tee.

The Fremont Sunday Market is open year round, rain or shine. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite neighborhood in the Emerald City.

1 thought on “Fremont Sunday Street Market

  1. This post is a nice look at Fremont. My boys love the Sunday Market because they can always find old Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars! That’s a great question about neighborhoods in Seattle, I’m leaving a comment just to read what other people might say. For me, it’s a harder and harder one to answer these days since the city has started to grow and gentrify at such a super-fast rate.

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